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ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System > Class Template Reference

#include <builder.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< System > System_container

Public Member Functions

 All_atom_system_builder (System_container &systems, unsigned max_systems_)
template<class Line_format >
void interpret_line (const Line_format &line_format, const std::string &line, int system_info)
void create_systems (char altloc)

Detailed Description

template<class System>
class ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System >

Class responsible for building a system.

Template Parameters:
Systemis a system as ESBTL::Molecular_system.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class System >
typedef std::vector<System> ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System >::System_container

The container in which the system must be stored.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class System >
ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System >::All_atom_system_builder ( System_container systems,
unsigned  max_systems_ 
) [inline]


systemsis a reference to the container in which created systems are inserted.
max_systems_is an upper bound on the number of system to be created. Setting correctly this number is very important and the program will crash if not well set (in the current implementation it is used to set the size of the system container.)

Member Function Documentation

template<class System >
void ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System >::create_systems ( char  altloc) [inline]

Finalize the creation of the systems incrementally built.

altlocindicate the alternate location identification used for systems.
template<class System >
template<class Line_format >
void ESBTL::All_atom_system_builder< System >::interpret_line ( const Line_format &  line_format,
const std::string &  line,
int  system_info 
) [inline]

Extract information from a line in a PDB file and add them to a system.

Template Parameters:
Line_formatis a class providing functions to extract fields from a line of a PDB file (ESBTL::PDB::Line_format for example.).
line_formatprovides the functions to extract the fields.
lineis a line of a PDB file.
system_infois the number of the system described by this line.

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