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ESBTL::Atom_list_occupancy_policy< Line_format > Class Template Reference

#include <occupancy_handlers.h>

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Public Member Functions

template<class Iterator >
 Atom_list_occupancy_policy (Iterator begin, Iterator end)
int add_or_postpone (const Line_format &line_format, const std::string &line, int system_index) const
template<class Builder >
int finalize (Builder &) const

Detailed Description

template<class Line_format>
class ESBTL::Atom_list_occupancy_policy< Line_format >

Keep only a set of atoms given by their atom serial number This object provides an occupancy policy to keep atoms with an occupancy != 1 and with no alternate location using their atom serial number.

Template Parameters:
Line_formatis a helper class to read molecular data files such as ESBTL::PDB::Line_format.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Line_format >
template<class Iterator >
ESBTL::Atom_list_occupancy_policy< Line_format >::Atom_list_occupancy_policy ( Iterator  begin,
Iterator  end 
) [inline]

Constructor. The serial numbers of atoms to be kept are given by an iterator range.

Template Parameters:
Iteratoris an iterator over unsigned integers.
beginis the first iterator over the range of atom serial numbers.
endis the past-end iterator over the range of atom serial numbers.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Line_format >
int ESBTL::Atom_list_occupancy_policy< Line_format >::add_or_postpone ( const Line_format &  line_format,
const std::string &  line,
int  system_index 
) const [inline]
template<class Line_format >
template<class Builder >
int ESBTL::Atom_list_occupancy_policy< Line_format >::finalize ( Builder &  ) const [inline]

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