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ESBTL::Name_of_pair Class Reference

#include <atom_classifier.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::string Key_type
typedef std::pair< unsigned,
unsigned > 

Public Member Functions

 Name_of_pair (const std::string &name_, const unsigned &index_)

Static Public Member Functions

static int & index_of_default ()
template<class Dictionary , class Vector_properties >
static unsigned default_loader (Dictionary &dict, Vector_properties &vect)
static Key_type make_key (const Query_type &indices)

Public Attributes

std::string name
unsigned index

Detailed Description

Property class associating an unordered name to a pair of atom types, each identified by an index (that of a property for example).

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::string ESBTL::Name_of_pair::Key_type
typedef std::pair<unsigned,unsigned> ESBTL::Name_of_pair::Query_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ESBTL::Name_of_pair::Name_of_pair ( const std::string &  name_,
const unsigned &  index_ 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

template<class Dictionary , class Vector_properties >
static unsigned ESBTL::Name_of_pair::default_loader ( Dictionary &  dict,
Vector_properties &  vect 
) [inline, static]

static int& ESBTL::Name_of_pair::index_of_default ( ) [inline, static]
static Key_type ESBTL::Name_of_pair::make_key ( const Query_type indices) [inline, static]

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