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ESBTL::PDB_line_selector_chain Class Reference

#include <line_selectors.h>

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Public Member Functions

const unsigned & nb_atm_htm_seen () const
template<class Str_iterator >
 PDB_line_selector_chain (const Str_iterator &begin, const Str_iterator &end, bool keep_water=true, bool keep_remaining_chains=false, double Water_Bfactorlim=200, bool keep_hydrogen=false)
template<class Line_format , class Occupancy_handler >
int keep (const Line_format &line_format, const std::string &line, Occupancy_handler &occupancy)
unsigned max_nb_systems () const

Public Attributes

int discarded

Detailed Description

This class is a line selector defining one system per group of chains provided.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Str_iterator >
ESBTL::PDB_line_selector_chain::PDB_line_selector_chain ( const Str_iterator &  begin,
const Str_iterator &  end,
bool  keep_water = true,
bool  keep_remaining_chains = false,
double  Water_Bfactorlim = 200,
bool  keep_hydrogen = false 
) [inline]

Constructor from a range of string. A string AB indicates that the system is composed of chains A and B

Template Parameters:
Str_iteratoris an iterator over std::string objects.
beginis the first iterator of the range of strings.
endis the past-end iterator of the range of strings.
keep_waterindicate whether water molecules should be kept.
keep_remaining_chainsindicates whether the last system should contains unselected chains.
Water_Bfactorlimwater molecules with a temperature factor higher that this value are discarded.
keep_hydrogenindicates whether hydrogens atoms must be selected.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Line_format , class Occupancy_handler >
int ESBTL::PDB_line_selector_chain::keep ( const Line_format &  line_format,
const std::string &  line,
Occupancy_handler &  occupancy 
) [inline]
unsigned ESBTL::PDB_line_selector_chain::max_nb_systems ( ) const [inline]
const unsigned& ESBTL::PDB_line_selector_chain::nb_atm_htm_seen ( ) const [inline]

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